SQC Harvest 2019 Standards

28th September 2018

SQC Move to Electronic Standards
The major change to the Standards is a move from paper based Standards to Electronic. This move has been undertaken to assist Scheme Members, as all interactive links are on the Standards assisting with compliance. The layout is targeted at being user friendly. Scheme Members that wish to continue with Paper Based Standards, copies are available on request. 

Changes for 2019
The 2019 Standards have been reviewed and updated to ensure they comply with all UK legislation.
The main changes to the Standards include Environmental areas; these have been kept to the minimum and are unlikely to cause growers significant difficulty.
Key additional areas include
• A Water Management Plan for Growers irrigating Combinable Crops
• Growers Must have an Integrated Pest Management Plan
• Growers must hold a Biodiversity Plan
• Growers must have a soil testing plan
Full information is included within the Standards and supporting documentation is available through the interactive links within the Standards and on the SQC website. Any difficulties will be handled by the SQC team at Lloyds (Acoura).
Why make changes
Our Standards must be robust and reflect Food Safety, UK Legislation and now key Environmental areas. These minimal changes are targeted at promoting SQC Assured Crop to the Industry on your behalf, I appreciate attaining financial recompense remains challenging but our Standards must reflect the wider industry requirements.

The Importance of Farm Assurance
The industry and the public depend on food safety and in many cases take it for granted; the UK has one of the best records within Europe. However we are aware that all eyes are upon agriculture and slips can happen! We must try to maintain standards both inwardly and outwardly continuing to demonstrate our SQC position.

Please follow the link below for all of the scheme standards and related documentation. 

Yours Faithfully

Alistair Ewan
Executive Director
Scottish Quality Crops