Acoura Certification Ltd, part of the Lloyd's Register group, is the independent organisation responsible for certifying and administering the Scottish Quality Combinable Crop Scheme.

Acoura (formally SFQC) was the first food and farming certification body in Europe to be awarded EN45011:1998 (ISC/IEC guide 65:1996, adopted by the EU as the yardstick for food certification schemes.

The Company is limited by guarantee with its members being the Certification Schemes, which it serves. Membership of Acoura currently is as follows:

  1. Scottish Quality Crops
  2. RT Safe Haven
  3. BRC 
  4. Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) Assurance Scheme -
    Cattle & Sheep
  5. QMS Assurance Scheme - Pigs
  6. QMS Assurance Scheme - Haulage
  7. QMS Assurace Scheme - Feeds
  8. QMS Assurance Scheme - Auction Markets
  9. Scottish Wild Venison Assurance Scheme    
  10. Red Tractor Fresh Produce 
  11. Red Tractor Dairy 
  12. Red Tractor Beef and Lamb
  13. Aquaculture
  14. Commercial Fishery

    Further details about all of the above schemes can be obtained from the Acoura office, 0131 335 6600..